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BratDoll Dreadz (10 colours available)

BratDoll Dreadz (10 colours available)

Become a real life brat doll with these stunning dreadlocks!

These are individual dreadlocks that can be clipped or braided into the hair.

Complete your outfit & add that extra funkiness with these super hawwt dreadlocks

5 single ombre dreadz per pack

100% synthetic fibres

Re use as many times as you like !

Clips included

24 inch

10 colours available from the options below

Picture one shows two packs of dreads that have been used , 1 pack of neon green dreads and 1 pack neon pink.
Neon Green dreads match best to our neon yellow lime bralette edging.

(Dreadz are none returnable due to hygiene reasons)